The first vector graphics editor built for generative design

Discover new ways to create unique and singular visual content.

Generative Design

Enjoy the power of generative design without the complexity, inside a full vector graphics editor.

Vector Graphics

Feel right at home with all the things you know and love… Bezier curve, editable gradient, color palette and much more.

Integrated Workflow

Go through the whole creation process inside Toukan, without juggling between apps.

Create an infinite variety of backgrounds and patterns

Start from a template or blank page and in 1 or 2 minutes, create amazing and intricated artwork made of thousands of graphical elements. With a few more minutes, create a dozen of variations. Get live visual feedback during the whole design process.

No code

Discover a creative lab, that makes generative design accessible to every designer. No need to become a programmer or spend months learning complex and expensive 3D softwares. Leverage advanced procedural technics from video game, motion graphics and film industries in your daily designer job.

Unchain your creativity

Explore new ways to create unique and singular visual content that makes your work stand apart. Push back your technical limits as a designer.

Built for professional designers

Toukan streamlines the user experience found in generative design environment of 3D sofwares to make it way easier to learn, faster to use and dramatically more productive for 2D graphics. The generative engine is integrated in a powerful vector graphics editor  designed to be easy to use and learn. If you have any experience with Illustrator, Sketch or Figma, you are going to feel right at home.


Replicate graphic elements on a grid, spiral, concentric circles or a custom path.

Live Feedback

Play with visual characteristics interactively and see the result in real-time.

Generative Effects

Apply many built-in effects (random, wave, gradient, list etc.) to drive visual characteristics (position, size, rotation, color, etc.)


Learn and experiment with a large collection of templates.


Output PNG, JPEG or SVG optimised for Illustrator-compatibility

Powerful Undo/Redo

Navigate history per document or library. Selectively undo a single change while keeping what's coming afterwards.

Use Cases

With Toukan, designers and artists can leverage generative design to give a unique touch or branding to a broad range of creations.

Web + Print
Social Media